Notes on Safe Camping

Whatever form of camping you participate in the following advisory notes are not infallible check lists but intended to help those who are new to camping and act as a memory jogger to the more experienced campers.

The following documents are in pdf format for which you will need Adobe Reader or a program capable of displaying pdf documents. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it from here Please remember to untick the box if you do not want the trial software that comes with this download.

Currently the following documents are available and more may be added as time goes on. To simply read the document click the title you want as normal. To download the required document right click and follow the onscreen instuctions to save it to your hard disk.

Notes on Safe Camping General notes on camping safety.

Caravan Movement Checklists Check lists for moving the caravan from site to site and to/from storage.

Enjoy your camping and for further information or advice please contact one of our club members who should be most willing to help.