How to Contact Us

If you need to contact us, the following committee members are available to help.

  • President Dave Ellis Tel 861848
  • Vice President John Le Gallais Tel 862771
  • Hon Secretary Anne Perchard Tel 856629
  • Hon Treasurer / Membership Secretary Mary Tonner Tel 746029
  • Newsletter Editor David Killip Tel 864200
  • Rally Organiser Vacant
  • member Julia Hamon Tel 851840
  • member Collette Willmet Tel 854875
  • Member Jeannine Hume Tel 852455
  • member Jeannie Collins Tel 851233

Or for general enquiries you can e-mail us at

For membership enquiries please contact the membership Secretary

For web site enquiries please contact the webmaster

All contact numbers are local Jersey landline telephone numbers. If you are calling from elsewhere in the British Isles or from a mobile telephone, the number must be prefixed with the code 01534. If you are calling from outside the British Isles then the code is +44 1534.