A Short History of the JC&CC

Model T motorhome

The club was started by Mr. Eldred Holmes. Eldred was the first advisor for Physical Education appointed by the Education Committee a few years after the Liberation. He was a keen camper and spent his holidays touring on the Continent with a motor-home. Sadly Eldred passed away on 1st September 2003.

Realising that Camping was becoming increasingly popular and that more local people were enjoying this form of holiday, he organised a meeting at the Hotel De France on the 10th February 1965, and, as a result of that meeting, the Jersey Camping and Caravanning Club was formed. The stated aims were 'to encourage the exchange of information concerning equipment and sites and to bring together those interested in camping and caravanning'.

Easter Monday 1965, saw the first Open Day held at Les Quennevais Campsite, with a display of tents, trailer-tents, motor-homes and caravans*. These Open Days became an annual event at Les Quennevais. Later, the open days moved to St. Brelade Campsite and later still to Beauvelande Campsite.

From those small beginnings, in 1965, we now have around 120 members, most of whom holiday on the continent and keep their units in France, particularly during the summer months, so the local base at Beauvelande is no longer used. However, until 2019 we met for two Rallies, usually in France, a Shakedown Rally in April and the Main Rally in June where we also hold our annual boules competition. Due to the COVID pandemic, the rallies in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled. Starting in September 2015, a Laying up Rally was also held and looks like becoming a permanent fixture. The first Main Rally was at Airvault, Charente organised by Michel Le Bihan who, single handedly, went on to organise a total of 15 rallies. Currently, rallies are organised by a rally sub committee.

cutting the cake

As the Club developed, it started to hold out of season events in Jersey, many of which are held at Trinity Parish Hall. These well attended meetings include an annual Film Show Evening in January, the AGM in April, a Photo Evening in October and a Theme Night in November. In addition to these events, the club also holds a Ten Pin Bowling evening in February, its annual Lunch in March, a BBQ lunch in May and a Christmas lunch in early December. Other events such as afternoon / evening walks followed by supper are also organised throughout the year on an ad hoc basis. The club is a very social club and members enjoy exchanging information concerning caravanning and motorhoming.

In recent years the Club has introduced a credit card style membership system which members may use as proof of membership when camping away from home.

Early in 2012, the Club developed this web site.

On the 10th February 2015 some eighty five members and friends attended a luncheon held at the Somerville Hotel to celebrate the Club's 50th anniversary. As is usual at such an event, there was a cake which was duly cut by our one remaining founder member, Pat Maindonald (on the right of the picture) with the then current President, Glenda Killip

There have, as at June 2021, been twenty presidents of the Club including the current one and among the guests at the 2015 luncheon, were no fewer than eight past presidents of the Club.

present and past presidents

The picture above shows the nine presidents who were at the 50th anniversary luncheon. From left to right, they are Glenda Killip, Dave Ellis, Robin Perchard, Rob Hamon, John Williams, Anita English, Michel Le Bihan, Irene Hansford and Diane Leaman.

List of Presidents Period of presidency
Eldred Holmes (founder) 1965 — 1969
Edward S. Le Gresley 1969 — 1970
Douglas Perchard 1971 — 1976
Peter Mourant 1977 — 1980
Arthur Davy 1980 — 1983
Harold Rive 1983 — 1986
Maureen Runacres 1986 — 1989
Diane Leaman 1989 — 1990
Caroline Le Main 1990 — 1991
Colin Stoddart 1991 — 1993
Irene Hansford 1993 — 1996
Michel Le Bihan 1996 — 1999
Anita English 1999 — 2002
John Williams 2002 — 2005
Rob Hamon 2005 — 2008
Robin Perchard 2008 — 2011
David Ellis 2011 — 2013
Glenda Killip 2013 — 2017
vacant 2017 — 2018
Monique Lawrence 2018 — 2021
David Ellis 2021 —

* Whilst tents could be used for camping in the Island it was not until 1968, that permission was finally granted, by the then I.D.C., to allow the use of caravans, on recognised sites, for camping.